Are you an executive with your company? Need help strengthening your leadership and management skills?

As a leader, you are expected to be at your personal best and to enhance performance and productivity throughout the organization at all times. You are to motivate and engage your team, so they can produce stellar results and exceed goals. 

We work with you to help you learn how to get the best performance from those you manage by working with you to create specific goals that are in alignment with the mission of your company.  

Cyndi Short Of Identity By Design has a suite of executive coaching services designed to meet your executive coaching needs at every step, from On-boarding Coaching for new hires to Executive Coaching for seasoned leaders, to Coaching Skills Training for your top teams and managers. 

Our executive training program includes: 

* One on one executive coaching

* Performance coaching

* Leadership Training

* Change Management Coaching

* Career Transition Coaching

* Workshops and assessments 

With a limited number of sessions, we can restore parameters and optimal indicators, without large conventions or business reengineering. Our Executive Coaching services reduce and eliminate leadership challenges. 

Our program teaches you the skills you need in order to excel in your leadership role.  Through various exercises, we help you to build your presence as a leader and enhance your executive charisma. Finally, we focus on polishing the application of the concepts that are relevant to your new role. 

We work with you to develop a cohesive team that is committed to the growth of the company. Advantages of our training include: 

* Skills for greater acceleration of profitability and productivity

* Winning strategies to ease the pressure

* Assistance with strategic and tactical problem solving

* Helping to reduce stress and create life/work balance

* Helping to adapt to new corporate realities and cultures

* Finding blind spots to increase performance 

Our coaching staff at Company name has a great deal of experience and expertise in settling management challenges and guiding you to becoming a more effective leader.  

Our team specializes in working at several levels of intervention at the same time, bringing faster resolution and results to all parties concerned. We do not impose our own views. 

We all work together with management and staff to create solutions in an easy and open manner that acknowledges the benefits of all involved. Contact us for more information at 813-334-3566.


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