What is Spiritual Coaching? 

Spiritual Coaching is the process of changing your thoughts and feelings, which results in changing your actions or behaviors.

Cyndi Short of Identity By Design is an experienced specialist who will help you successfully resolve your personal, relationship and family problems. With many years of experience, you can trust that you will receive personalized care from Cyndi who strives to understand you and your problems and who specializes in helping you solve them. 

We deal with: 

• Anxiety counseling

• Individual therapy

• Couples counseling

• Family therapy

• Depression

• Separation & divorce

• Financial counseling and more... 

Our ability to address individual needs develops from training, experience, and education. 

Cyndi has worked successfully with people of all ages and has helped to effect real and positive growth and change. The methods She uses include biological interventions that promote brain regulation and Neurofeedback Therapy. 

We also provide: 

* Life coaching services

* Personal growth coaching

* Executive and Business Results

* Wellness Coaching

* Relationship Coaching 

We are dedicated to ongoing education and research in innovative regimens that provide the best outcomes for all of our clients. Please call us at  813-334-3566. and talk to one of our therapists.


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