What is Life Coaching? 

Life Coaching is an action-oriented approach that focuses more on the present and future rather than the past. The foundation for life coaching is a collaborative between coaches and clients.

The intention is to aid our clients to move into their "new self" with ease and grace. The client makes the decisions and choices. The coach is not fixing a problem or leading with advice. 

Cyndi Short Of Identity By Design is a leading provider of quality Life Coaching Services. 

With years of experience we specialize in the following: 

* Personal growth coaching

* Executive and Business Results

* Wellness Coaching

* Relationship Coaching

* Spiritual Coaching

Cyndi works with individuals, couples, and groups to help them move successfully and gracefully into their new way of living and believing. Her programs are designed to integrate your new choices as quickly as possible. 

Our advantages include: 

* A free meeting

* We welcome the opportunity to partner with you

* Find out how we can work together towards your success

* Experience the positive shift that occurs with each of our coaching sessions

* We offer a comprehensive set of options to support your goals and budget 

What are your goals?  Do you wish to create a life of Financial Freedom? Do you wish to have a greater impact on your community? 

It's very important to really understand the goals you are setting for yourself.  Being able to break them down into believable and achievable segments and having excellent support are the keys to your success.  

Life coaching can help you:

* Get to your next level of success

* Get your occupation or business on track

* Merely take more control of your life

* Begin a brand-new project or complete an old one 

We offer both individual sessions and monthly packages. Make an appointment with us at  813-334-3566. to discuss your goals and to determine how we can help you achieve them.


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